Cheryl M. Schrier, Business Owner, Cancer Survivor,

USA Ambassador Ms. 2016

Community Advocate


    Cheryl M. Schrier

Mrs. Pennsylvania International 2015

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At the age of 44, it was discovered by a school nurse that her youngest daughter had scoliosis and she was referred to an 0rthopedic specialist.  It was through this specialist that Cheryl and her youngest daughter discovered that they were both afflicted with a mild form of the condition known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  This little known, poorly recognized genetic disorder affects the production of collagen in the body.  The impact of this disorder ranges from chronic pain and dislocations to full disability and death in it's most severe form.

This diagnosis served to connect the dots of years of chronic pain, dislocations, and injuries for Cheryl, who had been dismissed and stereotyped for decades as an injury prone hypochondriac.   Finally, she understood the physiology of her challenges, and became empowered to provide supportive care for herself and her daughter who also experiences chronic pain, dislocations and injuries. 

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